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“Technician, scientist, inventor and brain of the High voltage magic project.”

Martin ŠkopFounder
The last of its kind

Magician Ohm

The crowd waits impatiently in the dark and mumbles softly when a loud, lightning-like sound suddenly passes through the air. The magician Ohm casts his electric magic. The crowd takes a step back, in fear and amazement. A voltage of one million volts creates a mystical stream of oscillating chaos, an experience you will never forget.

The magician Ohm symbolizes an unchained but safely controlled force of nature. Shrouded in a cloak with a hood woven of silver, he is the last living electric magician that can cast lightning bolts.

An unforgettable Fight

Electro Duel

A unique stage performance. A duel between two performers, lightning-throwing magician Ohm, covered in a silver hood, with Faraday’s knight in ring armor.

The duel evokes the mythical notions of antiquity, when magic was part of everyday life. A duel that is literally about life fills the air with ozone, leaving only one winner.

Thoramin, Zeusaphone

Singing Coil

Singing lightning!

Modern technologies make it possible to control shocks to the extent that they can function as a musical instrument playing notes and chords. Like all musical instruments, thoramine has its own unique sound.

Suitable for all kinds of events and live performances, just connect the keys.

Fyzika nás ochrání

Faradays Cage

Faraday’s cage is used to protect against the effects of high voltage, even lightning. Our Faraday cage is designed for volunteers who want to see strong electric shocks safely. The cage can be ordered separately or as part of a stage performance.
How to control lightning

Faraday's knight

Lightning machine, with the loud sound of lightning, bursts 1,000,000V of electricity when a brave Knight of Faraday stands up to him and tames him fearlessly.

Faraday’s knight is protected by modern ring armor, which allows him to move freely and safely. The armor itself is knitted from 85,000 stainless steel rings.

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